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23.5.2014 klo 9:51 Luupin viestintä

Building Age of the Dinosaur -exhibition

The professional builders came from England with the dinosaurs. They were Sean Whyte,  Natural History Museum Touring Exhibitions Engineering Manager, engineer who lives in London, originally from New Zealand. Andy Wahl, Natural History Museum Technician, carpenter lives in Southend-on-sea. Paul Brunt,  Natural History Museum Technician, carpenter, lives also in South-end-on –sea. Norbert Haering, Natural History Museum Technician, electronics guru, lives in Dusseldorf  Germany.

Sean, Andy, Paul and Norbert told about the building:

Age of the Dinosaurs is a difficult build.  The components are very heavy and when each area is built, it becomes a very square exhibition, with not much room for layout mistakes. It takes a lot of planning and vision to look at each venue and adapt the exhibition so that the customers get a full educational and rewarding experience.

Before Oulu Age of the Dinosaurs has been in Liverpool, Belfast and Newcastle. Age of the Dinosaurs is a tricky exhibition to fit into a lot of venues due to its large wall sections. We have to adapt the show to suit each venue so we can keep the story behind the exhibition in a chronological order. After 15 days of an extremely tiring build and everyone working on different areas, it is great to look at the exhibition and see how it has all come together.

Normally we have one big space that the exhibition will fit into, and the general flow and timeline can be adapted to suit. With the Art Museum Oulu it was a difficult to have a vision of how the exhibition would look at the end of the build since we had 3 separate rooms to fit the show into. That being said, we are extremely happy how it fits and looks at the Taidemuseo. We all really enjoyed working in Oulu, and found the people to be very friendly and helpful. The Science centre and Taidemuseo staff were absolutely fantastic and very accommodating.



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